Jescoice the End of an Era

My husband and I have have been married for over 40 years now. We have been through thick and thin together. For us there was never a choice of giving up. When we made our vows we were determined to stick to our commitment to each other. We have had many good years and life has treated us well for the most part. That doesn’t mean that it was particularly easy all of the time but we managed to make it work.

The most recent upset for us was the loss of my husbands long term job as a parts dealer for a store that we have owned for over twenty years. Business has been slowly bleeding out due to the urbanization of our home town and the consolidation of the farms to areas farther and farther away. Our family used to own over 1000 acres of prime farmland in the valley! Over the years we have sold it piece by piece as the profits from raising cattle for meat and dairy dwindled. We started a JesCoice a tractor part store as a way to stick with our roots in the farming community but sadly we closed our doors.

We had been getting close to our retirement anyways so we were only a few years off. The change was very stressful at first we had concerns about the loss of our income as any rational person should in a situation like this. After we met with our financial adviser though our fears were put to rest. We have worked hard our whole lives and saved as much as we could. We have made sums of money off the sale of our land and invested all that we could to prepare for our future. The work was not in vain we should be able to live comfortably through our retirement now.

We plan to keep some side hobbies that we have as a way to stay busy. You don’t grow up working on a farm and go into quite retirement easy! We are going to continue raising livestock and selling them to the local farmers market for others to raise. Goats and lambs are my favorite. My husband has been kept busy doing consultation work for local farmers on tractor repair and on general farm management. We want to continue to be able to provide a service to our community and we hope that the information we can provide on our website will be of assistance to those who take the time to read.